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March 31, 2006

Stupid lose.

I tried to buy an iBook on ebay and it is broken. It took seven months to get here too. I was robbed on ebay. It may only be the power adapter as it came with the wrong power adapter.

March 29, 2006

I am figuring out some of my sexisms

I am realising about starring at women and some of the boxed in feelings we get into when guys talk about women. I am realising this reading more feminist studies. The goal is to reprogram this sexist world view even more.

March 27, 2006

I completed reading the ethics paper.

I finished reading the ethics paper but realise it is only a small excerpt and not the whole document. I may access the whole document at the aoir web site later today or this week.

March 26, 2006

I was wrong about the ethics paper being dry.

Again this morning proving that memory is not a good tool for scholarship, I was wrong about this ethics paper from the AoIR being dry or hard to read. There must have been either, a more reactionay emotional reason I did not read this paper, or perhaps, when I first tried to read it, I was tired, or did not have enough interest, or time. I read some of it this morning and it is interesting and full of material I can understand. It is not computer ethics that this paper addresses but researcher ethics. This is a different kettle of fish but actually only a different area of applied ethics. In fact, the paper has a very similar development of ethical theories to a development of these theories that are used to introduce ethics to the field of computer ethics. So in that I have read these ethical theories before, and been tested on these theories, I can understand this paper.

I am going to try to read a dry ethics policy paper on internet studies ethics.

I have been a member of the association of internet researchers for one year now. In fact, my membership dues are due again. I have been following the list server for aoir for about a year and a half now. I have gotten a copy of the aoir's ethics guidelines for internet research in a book. I tried to read these guidelines when I got the book but it was dry reading or involved guidelines for methodology I would never use. The topic of Internet survey's is debatable though.

March 24, 2006

Now points here as well.

I was able to afford the domain to point here as well. I have only now to purchase and this domain will be well covered from pochers.

March 23, 2006

Reading today.

I was reading this morning. I got through the first chapter in Box and the Hunter's Statistics For Experimenters book. I also read more about how Wired magazine is a sexist and racist magazine because they never cover African Americans or women in a neutral tone if they cover them at all. I read about this in this book: Stewart Millar, Melanie. Cracking the Gender Code: Who Rules the Wired World ( Toronto: Second Story, 1998). I also read about required cultural diversity and language skills in health delivery in the USA but this would apply in a similar way in Canada. Many of our local health centres, in fact, have multilingual information posters and, I am sure, fairly multilingual doctors and nurses.

March 22, 2006

I am over worked and tired.

I sick of all this activity. I work incredible hours on the union work at school and also my own school work. I also work sickening hours on the teaching assistant marking. I getting sick and tired of all this work. I need to not do things. I need to revolt against this oppression. The incredible bills pile up for all this cyber technology. In the past I was more desparate for recovery. I was more desparate for a certain world. Now I seem to be seeking a cyber world.

March 20, 2006

Experimental design inside computers, i.e. simulations.

There is a lot of talk about simulations in post modern thought but do these talkers really know the probability and permuations and other statistics and computer programming that goes into these simulations? I was just discussing simulations and experiments inside a computer during my experimental design course. Because it might be easy to repeat an experiment, and change factors if these factors are computer controlled the idea of experimenting inside, or with a computer becomes a practical way of testing large numbers of factors or treatments. This type of experiment would also be easy to control and adjust. The recording of the changes to factors and responses observed would also be easier to record, organise and analyse.

March 19, 2006

Building web pages elsewhere today.

I am building web pages this afternoon. I am getting paid 15$/ hour to do this work from my home.

March 18, 2006 also points here now.

I was able to buy the domain name as well to point here. I also hope to buy and to point here.

I am continuing to read cyberstudies

I am reading these two books this morning:
Consalvo, Mia, & Passonen Susanna. eds. Women & Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency ad Identity (New York:, Peter Lang 2002).
I have already read one chapter of this book but am reading the introduction this morning.
Taylor, Robert W. et al. Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson, Prentice Hall, 2006)
I just borrowed this yesterday while waiting to tutor a student. I read the first chapter last night and started the second chapter this morning. It is very biased towards US security and US centric defintions of warfare.

March 17, 2006

Protest tomorrow.

I have a camcorder working now with my computer but tomorrow will be too cold at the march to use it. I will instead concentrate on helping out by volunteering with the march. The march is to protest the US invasion of Iraq. We will march past the US embassy and also the British High Commisson and end on Parliament hill.

Basic law enforcement hacker book

I am reading a basic book that either introduces law enforcement students to cybercrimes or introduces computer workers to law enforcement.

March 16, 2006

Updating blogs is hard work.

I am so tired but mostly from being awake long hours. The 24-7 Internet allows me to work at all hours. But I have four hours of quasi work to do now without computers. I will be a volunteer boss today. I will actually hire someone else for a job. But I won't make any money off this volunteering, so I am only a volunteer boss. In fact, I have some paid work to do later tonight, that will see me training people to use a programming language. I will start this programming lesson at 24 hours into my day. And the lesson will not be in JAVA programming. In fact, at this point in my day I will probably cut down on JAVA/Coffee considerably.

Does the Internet bring families together?

I had been reading that women, that is white middle class North American women, use the Internet more for staying in touch with friends and family, more than middle class white men. I seem to have used the Internet to reach out to family in either the supposed homeland or elsewhere. I got an email from someone in Sweden today who may have an ancestor from our family who left Estonia in 1800. I am thinking may be we could have a reunion on the Internet some day or that the Internet will make this possible.

March 15, 2006

A wobbly was beaten up this week.

I am a wobbly and one of our members was beaten up by private police this week. Brutality doesn't stop it just gets more threating. As I understand it security guards are only ordinary ciitizens and have no right for using force. Only reasonable force for the situation. In general, within the law one can only use force to avoid force, or if a life is in danger, and that applies to the police as well.

I don't see the technology here in this picture on the security officers(cowards) side, but perhaps the technology is me posting this incident here on the world wide web as the cyborg citizen flexing his fingers on the keyboard. Also other wobblies documented the wounds with modern entertainment technology like digital video cameras.

The blog is up and running and the opening page for the domain is there.

Well I tested the blog a few times this morning and it is accessible for me on my computers. Also I designed an index page and a home page inside the index page. Index page um? Like index cards at the library, you think? I think the word index as used in web site files does not keep much of the meaning of index as in book index pages. It may have at one time meant a similar thing, when web pages were simply lists, or these days if one gets to an index.html and it is a directory tree which does function like a index in a book to show all the file contents alphabetically. But now index.html is just the first page to any given web site and often on other's web sites this means graphics or movies or lots of adds. Can you say open for business?

Welcome to Cyborg Citizen's web blog.

Inspired by Donna Haraway's writing this web site was created to babble about humans, feminisms, other radicalisms, and machines. It is just being set up now. So welcome to the site and this blog within the site.