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April 8, 2008

I am still running Linux successfully and now have Vista as well.

I have three windows operating systems working. I have win XP running dual boot on my Macbook. I have Vista running dual boot with Debian Linux on an IBM Thinkcentre desktop. And I have win2K on a Virtual PC drive on my eMac. I did not pay for these operating systems directly but instead these are covered by my tuition at school. I mostly use the Vista these days to play Eve Online. I have SAS on the XP on the Macbook.

Recently I installed MySQL on the Macbook and am running Drupal and Mediawiki on the Apache web server on the Macbook but as an Intranet on local host and on the home router. The Mediawiki is being used to organise my studies. The Drupal is not yet used much.