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December 12, 2008

An update about the computer swap

I was able sell the Sunfire server for 100 dollars minus 20 dollars for shipping.This means I now need to recover only 119 dollars and some money to adjust for inflation, time and taxes on the initial purchases for the stuff I traded away. There was a time when I would be happy to spend 100 dollars on a used laptop which is one item I have left. I also have an empty case and another Pentium M motherboard and a Dell 600 Mhz computer tower that has already done some work for the green party when out on loan. I also still have the 120 GB hard drive which is holding my mp3's now in a network storage drive installation. And last but not least I still have the 1U clone server to refurbish. For the clone I spent another 20 dollars for another pentium M chip used on ebay. So with a little positive spirit and patience I have actually come out ahead on his computer swap.

In an older swap, I traded an IBM T-30 thinkpad wih broken screen for 200 dollars and a Linksys open source router. I used this wireless router for about three years and just sold it this week for 25 dollars.

I am actually learning to talk statistics and causality errors

At least today I was gifted social scientist at work.