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April 9, 2009

I voted in the Mountain Equipment Cooperative election again.

Again I have voted in the election of the board of directors for the one coop I belong too. I have also finally bought what I consider the signature item from MEC: a red cycling jacket. Also I have bought this past month new winter gloves for my partner and a rear rack pack. The rear rack pack now holds my tool kit, tires, tubes and pump. I also bought a new rear light as I broke my last one this winter cycling in a storm. I am not happy with the attachment that the present breed of cycling lights have they are far too flimsy. We also did not do well with the down jacket we bought my partner as it tears easily and is now full of taped up holes leaking down. My main concern is increasing quality of the gear we sell and buy. I voted for two experienced candidates and one newcomer. My grandfather who started as a farm educator in the working world was also into coops. So yes I respect elders.