May 13, 2007

I am standing up for rights behind a computer screen

I am not sure I am really the wimpy geek but it seems that way after chasing down insults on line, speaking up about abuse and compaining about insults at wobbly meetings, all by email! I fit the stereo type. Hiding behind my computer talking tough. But I am fully capable to stand up in real life too except for the threats of fascists where a gentler and safer diplomatic approach has been used in the past. I am glad I am free from these threatening socialisations and a lot safer too with wobbly insults.

January 7, 2007

More beatings being reported from our local mall security.

The local mall security guards are continuing to beat people up at the mall.

July 21, 2006

There are too many battles in the world today.

As I sit in a country that hasn't seen war in generations, I view the nightly news where wars are breaking out, increasing and murdering people. In Canada, we need to rescue Canadians from the conflict. Tomorrow on the hill a rally has been called to voice our concerns, as workers that war is wrong. I need to make some signs for protest tonight to take tomorrow. I will use an old green party sign if I have one, or something else. I will make some absurdist but funny and light hearted peace statements on placards.

March 15, 2006

A wobbly was beaten up this week.

I am a wobbly and one of our members was beaten up by private police this week. Brutality doesn't stop it just gets more threating. As I understand it security guards are only ordinary ciitizens and have no right for using force. Only reasonable force for the situation. In general, within the law one can only use force to avoid force, or if a life is in danger, and that applies to the police as well.

I don't see the technology here in this picture on the security officers(cowards) side, but perhaps the technology is me posting this incident here on the world wide web as the cyborg citizen flexing his fingers on the keyboard. Also other wobblies documented the wounds with modern entertainment technology like digital video cameras.