December 25, 2007

Facebook as real person networks

The on-line cyborg world used to be many virtual people. People I never met in real life would be supportive and friendly. Now I use facebook daily and it is a network of real life coworkers and past friends. This network still does not include some of my poorer friends but it is a real world network. I wrote an academic paper exploring this hypothesis that the web 2.0 is becoming more real world and less mythical cyberspace.

January 27, 2007

A sexist free future or is this impossible?

I just read the entertainment section of our English language daily paper. I read about a band and realised that there is sexism behind this band but mixed with positive messages and I wonder of a world beyond sexism but today said at work in response to a coworkers hope for a discirmination free future for gays and lesbians that sex will always be exciting and that sex sells. Meaning excitement leads to trouble and trouble leads to crime. But of course crime leads to legal argument and thus reasoned debate.

November 14, 2006

The new mayor of our city is suggesting we cut spending.

The new mayor of our city is a high tech entrepreneur. He is what some see as a business person. He suggests running city hall like a business.