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October 18, 2008

Using GIMP Peter Krogstad has designed a hockey rink ice surface

Peter Krogstad was exploring winter sims and got an idea to build a hockey rink. Using Wikipedia to get the regulation size in meters and a graphic for the ice markings for an ice hockey game he built 10 m by 10 m section textures as 10 by 10 pixel sections. He did this by selecting the 10 by 10 pixel sections on the graphic. This was for ease of process, rather than graphic quality, as building graphics as powers of two pixels is best for upload to Second Life. When copying these 10 by 10 sections from the Wikipedia graphic into new files, the new files would open in exactly the right size to copy and paste the ice marking graphics. The GIMP new file would sense the copy and paste in GIMP. Some side parts near the boards are narrow because the rink is about 26 meters wide. The length of the rink is just under 64 meters by two meters. So narrow end sections are also needed. The length created is just 64 meters.

This means a lot of at least 32 X 64 is needed. Peter has been scouting out such a lot but the price is about 100 dollars Canadian. Also this would raise his tier to the 25 dollar range again. This lot too is not really enough room on the side for player benches and penalty boxes. He also might go for a 80 m long lot by 32. But unless he sells a 1024 lot he has for sale this extra 512 lot on the end of the 64 X 32 lot will push him into the 40$ a month tier.