December 19, 2009

I have purchased a canoe for guests to use at Crystal Computings offices

I went looking for canoes and found a business that makes scripted canoes. I bought a dock and canoe. This dock allows a canoe to appear and one can then paddle it around and then a new canoe appears. I set this up at my beach front house/office. I do not have many prims at this beach office. I also have very little room at my present tier for buying more land.

September 14, 2008

Peter Krogstad bought a Bell Helicopter and then made a landing pad above this house

Peter Krogstad wanted a mysterious black helicopter so paid 1000L$ for one. It flies like a real helicopter with real smoke. He has flown and landed it once at his new helioport which he build with a Gimp textures. He built a 10 by 10 texture and then placed this on the top face of some brick work 10 by 10 by 1 platforms. He used four of these platforms and rotated the texture on each getting a circle from the one quarter circle textures. He then suspended these platforms slightly off one side of his house at the top.