February 1, 2009

Peter Krogstad made 20$ US paid in Linden dollars tonight completing a survey.

Some group calling themselves Cyber University created a a few sims based on US Airforce themes including Ann Ryan and other right wing military stuff. The survey Peter completed was based on an exploration of this sim. Peter answered the survey after completing the exploration. He also had to take snapshots and mail them in as he went along. For all this work he will be paid 20$ US in Linden dollars.

April 27, 2008

Peter Krogstad attended a creative group/art class

Peter joined persons from Europe and the USA in a circle to discuss art and our backgrounds in art with the intention of doing art classes in Second Life.

February 6, 2008

Still attending Monday afternoons in Blacklibrary.

I still attended Black library for the Monday afternoon research chats. I did less talking this week and stayed a full hour this time. I still did some flying while talking.


I also started a group in SL now. I also created some space for the group but did not officially deed them the space. I also took out a classified add to advertise the group.

November 11, 2007

Peter Krogstad chatted with Zara Vale this evening

Peter Korgstad visited a school namely Academy of Second Life and met a SL mentor named Zara Vale. Zara explained the lag issues Peter was experiencing. They shared a brief chat about this and designing issues and then Peter logged off.

November 6, 2007

Another view of the library discussion.


One view of the library discussion.


Today's educational event...joining other educators for an open discussion.

I joined some other educators today at Blacklibrary and we chatted for awhile. We all added each other as friends afterwards. I will post some pictures here and hope I don't offend anyone by doing this.


October 30, 2007

Today's eductional event for Krogstad.

On the weekend Korgstad's real life person got an invite to host a kiosk for the facebook application Second Link. Of course, this sounded good in a positive make a difference sort of way. So when he logged in a second time late last night he contacted Fire Centaur the maker of English Village and developer of Second Link and offered to take a kiosk. These kiosks activate the Second Link application on facebook. Krogstad was given a kiosk and then crashed IMing with Fire.

He came back in-world an hour later and set up the kiosk. He set up his Reuters news display again and got it actually working better with customs RSS feeds. He wants to make it possible for vistors to sit in his office and read his blogs. By the end of his over all Second Life sessions today though this was still buggy.

Another thing he did to his house actually the first thing he did today when he logged in, was delete the script that was going crazy popping up the URL launcher repeatedly  He again used 3greeneggs to make  a URL launcher script but this time did not try to edit it. Now the house only launches the URL once to each avatar.


So back to the Second Link story. He placed the Second Link kiosk on his front lawn and set up a picnic table with popcorn bag and lemonaid beside the kiosk to make it look inviting. He also put another BBQ there.

He did two other changes to his house. Well three actually. He set up all the computers in the offices again. He tried out some free furniture items from Yanni's junkyard stuff and settled on a sink for his office. Then the third thing he did was to search for lighting. He went to A1 Lighting store and there was someone there earning Linden dollars washing the windows of the shop. The shop had info on how to use local lighting, so Krogstad enabled that in his preferences. He wanted to buy track lighting for his office but instead bought a ceiling fan.

Having done all that to make his offices look better he took a spin on his bicycle down the near by protected road and went three sims away almost to the coast. It was sort of fun like a computer game actually. 


Then to finally end the day he learned how to give away landmarks and did this repeatedly to quite a few of his friends as he invited them to his offices.