December 25, 2007

Long distance travel.

Now that I can fly better I tried flying from mainland to mainland but then gave up and island hopped using teleport. I was looking for a large piece of red land like a desert that I had seen while exploring the SLURL map on the web. I eneded up dropping in and out of various islands. It was confusing and chaotic.

I visited the Second Life winter festival.

I went to the Second Life winter festival and explored some of the winter regions looking for a small parcel of land to buy.

December 8, 2007

Peter Krogstad visited the Estonian Embassy and enjoyed it and took some pictures.

I have been consuming a lot of web pages about Second Life. I read various news sources posted a lot by friends on facebook. I also gravitate to Second Life news stories and last night it was the Second Life dot com site that lead me to read about the Virtual Embassy in Second Life of my one of homelands: Estonia.

So I visited and took pictures and this is one time where I was doing travels and sight seeing in Second Life. I posted four pictures in this blog's photo mosaic banner. Can you see them? You may recognize the the Blue, Black and White flag.