December 12, 2008

Peter Krogstad got caught up with Bloghud and word press.

Peter Korgstad revisited his bloghud blog which posts to wordpress. There are only a few posts.


November 3, 2007

Present search for my avatar

I wondered if my avatar was becoming more famous than I thought. But this is not true and here is a blog scope search for my avatar. Thus suggesting this avatar is only known inside the game and not on the web further than this blog.

October 31, 2007

Editing appearance is a not a big concern for Peter Krogstad

While not a big concern for Mr Krogstad he was concerned to look a little less newbie. He began as a boy next door character. Today when he logged in he changed into some freebie jeans and a different GNU T-shirt. He then tried editting his hair and made it a fair bit more blond and slightly more red. He also cut it a bit and gave it a bit of a different than newbie look. He too a couple of pictures of himself and his new hair and clothes near his new ceiling light and then logged off.