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Added the 'Others' category just now.

I have answered criminological questions about the 'Other' before. I first came across this simplified concept of people in relation to the self in an anti-psychiatrist's writings. The doctor was Cooper and the book was The Grammar of Living. I threw that book out in the late 1980's because it was about drugs and sex between doctors and patients. But the algebra of relations has been appealing to me lately as a tool of sociological analysis because of my math studies. Apparently, American style sociology is more about monads, diads and other relationship analysis.

Speaking of others I met some labour leaders and labour politicians yesterday at a labour conference. They were approchable and I talked with one of them about disAbility issues and workers with disAbilities. No real tech involved although it was a big audio visual show too with a 1000 person audience and I talked to the production manager on a smoke break. He was wearing a union shirt from another union I have belonged with in the past. I took digital pictures of the head table and we had our local's delegates photographed at our table. I am back at the labour conference on Friday to vote for new leaders or vote in the old again.