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I spent May Day on a picket line.

A sister local is on strike. I was buying bus passes for my wife and I and then went to the picket line. These are cheaper bus passes for those of us with lower incomes and disabilities. So for less money than a regular adult pass which is what I used to pay we get two bus passes. So after buying these passes I went outside in front of a large convention centre where a sister local is walking the line on strike. I talked with them each a bit and carried a sign for about an hour. What prompted this was an email from a company saying an event I was to attend this week at this convention centre would go ahead even with the strike. So I replied to the email saying I would not attend and then decided to attend the picket line.

I was able to forget about cyberspace while I was walking the line. But when I came home I started to install statistics software on my Debian laptop. I was successful and am just starting up R and burning a CD of school work files that include some R code and data from an old data mining course. I am testing this code and if it works I will be presenting a talk on R at a local linux user group may be next month. I will attend this meeting tomorrow to get an idea of how these meetings go. So tonight I have been tinkering with Linux and watching NHL hockey on TV.