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The Macbook is in the mail or rather Federal Express from Suzhou, China.

I ordered a new Macbook computer on-line and it has now shipped. It is shipping from Suzhou, China and I wonder who built it. I have written a science fiction story which played on the idea of computers as drugs and the idea that China or Asia is the birthplace of technology. But from what I am reading about feminism and computing it is also place of low wage jobs building computers for people like me.

I am looking forward to increased functionality in this computer. It is new and has only been on the market for a few weeks. It has a video camera built in. I am really looking forward to that device. It also has a remote control so I can do projections and slide shows away from the machine. It will burn DVD's and CD's. It also has iLife 06 and I want to try out iWeb a new software I have been hearing about although what I have heard has been critical of iWeb. I also will be able to run bootcamp and thus WinXP on this mac. I also was able to afford a Mighty Mouse which I have been meaning to buy for some time now.