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October 21, 2006

I bought a Canon IP90 printer.

It was worth the money to buy this printer when the first picture printed was a flawless picture of my daughter and I when she was less than 9 months old.

October 18, 2006

One thesis area I am thinking of exploring is emergency management systems.

I do some volunteering that involves emergency response. I can't write too much about this for public consumption. I am thinking with the present security state I could possibly do some funded research on emergency management or response systems. I could build on studies I have done in risk and designing out risk in the the physical envrionment of cities and push my probability studies around these readings and perhaps make some kind of systems model which would suggest management of risk at the same time bring in larger and broader Marxist critques of the whole security state view. I could also use my recent legal studies to keep grounded and to stay relevent and realistic when doing this project. My math background would need to be tested and I would have to involve some computing in some way perhaps.

October 15, 2006

I did not buy a wearable computer today.

I did finally find a wearable Xybernaut computer for sale on ebay. I started to negotiate a sale but then backed out. I did sell my old server finally. I also bought a portable "road warrior" projector screen and an LCD TV which is great for a monitor. I also got a new DVD player that plays more formats and have now paid the credit card back for it. The TV will take a full year to pay for. There are about twenty of so cables now coming out of the back of this TV or going in depending on your perspective. Although I guess actually most of the cables are sending in video and audio signals and only a few are bringing signals out to the audio amplifier and the VCR. Speaking of audio amplifier now I must have a digital audio amplifer it is no longer good enough to just have a surround sound 5.1 system. Today I am buying portable phones to replace the ones we have that are breaking down. The ones we have were about 160$ for the pair and they were refurbished. The ones I am buying today are new and are only 60$ in price on sale and have more features and include an answering machine.