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November 18, 2006

I am studying a course about basic probability to prepare for an advanced course in probability.

This whole year at school will have me studying probability. I will have the summer off of studies unless I study two courses this winter term. In about three weeks I will have completed the conditional requirements for my admission into graduate school which is this basic course in probability. Next term I think it natural to keep the momentum and study the advanced course in probability. I will then have four courses left to study in the first phase of this graduate school. But I could try two courses this winter term. I would then be allowed to study a course this summer as well. I would then have only two courses to complete next year and could start the winter term with the second part of the graduate school which is one course and a thesis. So I could complete the one extra course next winter and begin the thesis then too.

November 14, 2006

The new mayor of our city is suggesting we cut spending.

The new mayor of our city is a high tech entrepreneur. He is what some see as a business person. He suggests running city hall like a business.

November 10, 2006

I signed up for Plaxo contacts management software.

I used Plaxo contact management software and joined it. I am networked. I requested a few updates but did not do a massive update.

November 5, 2006

I am updating some union news for our local wobbly branch web site.

I am just using Dreamweaver to update some new articles on our local wobbly web site. I have been doing wobbly internet stuff for a few hours now off and on with backing up my macintoshes. We met as a branch yesterday to discuss various projects after we picketed a StarBux to protest the firing of union organizers.

November 4, 2006

Image of myself as pencil necked office worker.

I see my self as an office worker in fact a statistician. To make this image work I have had to buy more plain clothing and dump the hippy image(s) and the punk image(s). I still use a type of law enforcement clothing that makes me fit in with anarchists. Odd as that may seem. But this is really functional clothing for my volunteering work where I carry many pockets but was inspired by carrying of high tech gadgets. I am now planning on purchasing a scooter. I am trying to join the cult of vespa. I am applying for a dealer loan to buy a brand new Vespa Grandturismo GP 200. I also need parking and that might just stop me as my landlord social worker may deny this request for parking. This is a life long dream to own a scooter. May be with my present income I can do this.