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I did some computer swapping.

I have done some trading in computer parts recently. I traded my Sun Ultra 5 for a Sun Fire v120, a clone 1U server which takes a Pentium M, some parts like drives including a 120 GB SATA drive, a mother board, three towers of various vintages and a Dell Pentium II laptop without power supply. I focused on refurbing the servers first and bought a Pentium M chip for the clone and two 18 GB hard drives for the v120. This cost me about 50$ on ebay.

I also focused on the motherboard. I sold the mother board complete with the Pentium M chip I bought on ebay. After this I had 30$ from this deal after recovering costs for the chip. I still need to recoup 90$ to cover the Ultra 5 and then 99$ to recover costs from the Peavey stereo EQ I also traded as part of this deal. Then need to cover the costs of the two hard drives in the v120.

I am giving away one of the towers with Debian 4.0 r3 installed on it but am waiting to find a modem for this machine before I give it away. One of the other towers was so old a friend who was recycling computers took it to the recyclers. He also gave me a 19 inch monitor that I am now using for Eve Online and also my Linux computer. Other than the one tower I am giving away none of these machines is working right now.