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Blog update

In 2003 I started blogging a lot. It was just becoming the cool thing to do back then. I blogged for a few years every day and decided that writing blog posts was a wellness activity I had to do each day to stay well. The writing was healthy self discovery writing. I had more time and no full time job back then. I had school studies which made for interesting blog posts on one blog where I wrote about school subjects and reading books. I even started blogs about my computer game avatars that were a kind of fiction. On one blog I got about 20 spam comments a day that I would have to delete. I still have been getting e-mails telling me some spammer has commented and would I like to approve the comment be published. This would expose me to massive amounts of garbage commercial, or poorly written or sexist writing. Enough. already I just this morning took the ability to comment off line for that blog. I should have done this years ago when I found out the only ones commenting were spammers. It's vary rare to find readers of my blogs that are actual people.