May 21, 2007

I spent a few hours networking on Facebook.

I read an article yesterday about the popularity of Facebook in Toronto. Last night and this morning I networked with an old school friend who lives in Toronto. I also joined more software groups in Facebook. I posted some code and picture output from the code on Facebook.

I then did some paid web mastering. I am still doing paid web mastering now. I am adding links to the web site and proof reading and edittng other's blogs. But actually I did not need to change anything these people had written and only offered some encouragement to the bloggers so far today with my editting.

May 20, 2007

I attended the Montreal Anarchist bookfair.

I helped sell wobbly books for the anarchist bookfair. There were wobblies from many cities around North Amercia at the bookfair. Many of us went out and ate together afterward. I had a good day but smoked too much. I met some Scandinavians at the dinner and we talked economics and politics. I probably talked too much about myself. On the ride home with twenty something anarchists, I recounted my punk rock bands like some attention seeking punk. I also met a young lawyer who has an MA in legal stiudies from the school I studied a BA in legal studies from and we chatted a little about legal studies.

November 10, 2006

I signed up for Plaxo contacts management software.

I used Plaxo contact management software and joined it. I am networked. I requested a few updates but did not do a massive update.

November 5, 2006

I am updating some union news for our local wobbly branch web site.

I am just using Dreamweaver to update some new articles on our local wobbly web site. I have been doing wobbly internet stuff for a few hours now off and on with backing up my macintoshes. We met as a branch yesterday to discuss various projects after we picketed a StarBux to protest the firing of union organizers.

May 25, 2006

Added the 'Others' category just now.

I have answered criminological questions about the 'Other' before. I first came across this simplified concept of people in relation to the self in an anti-psychiatrist's writings. The doctor was Cooper and the book was The Grammar of Living. I threw that book out in the late 1980's because it was about drugs and sex between doctors and patients. But the algebra of relations has been appealing to me lately as a tool of sociological analysis because of my math studies. Apparently, American style sociology is more about monads, diads and other relationship analysis.

Speaking of others I met some labour leaders and labour politicians yesterday at a labour conference. They were approchable and I talked with one of them about disAbility issues and workers with disAbilities. No real tech involved although it was a big audio visual show too with a 1000 person audience and I talked to the production manager on a smoke break. He was wearing a union shirt from another union I have belonged with in the past. I took digital pictures of the head table and we had our local's delegates photographed at our table. I am back at the labour conference on Friday to vote for new leaders or vote in the old again.