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July 30, 2011

Margarite has a few building plans for today and from yesterday and on going.

Margarite spent some time waiting for ship modules she made to sell so she could buy some remaining minerals to build a Drake for a Caldari pilot in her corporation named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Jessica was fiiting a Drake with Tech I level fitings and completing missions with an old friend of Margarites'. Of course, Jessica has the skills to fly a Tech II fitted Drake so Margarite is making her a new Drake which is now done. The fitting are still to be built or bought. Margarite is keen on building all the ship fitting such as heavy missile launchers and various shield modifications that are recommended for a Tech II fitted Drake instead of Jessica buying them. So this is one project Margarite is working on.

Margarite is also being asked to build 4 Noctis ships and is working on 1 of her own too. So this is 5 Noctis. These will all be outfitted with Salvage Tackle 1 medium rigs. Margarite has 2 of the 3 rigs needed for her own Noctis and Jessica will be delivering some mission salvage to Margarite that hopefully allows the 3rd rig to be built.

Margarite is still working on building a Obelisk freighter. She also picked up an Orca blueprint copy and flys a corporation owned Orca quite regularly for buying and transporting materials for industrial production.

Another plan which is really just a part of regular corporation production includes building 4 Falcons, 1 Onyx, 1 Curse and 1 Pilgrim. Other corporation ship building includes 4 Taranis and 3 Anathema. These frigates are built, what is lacking are the fittings for these before they are shipped to 0.0 for use by other corporation pilots.

Margarite also has plans to outfit her own Sin, an Eris, and finish the modifcations for her own Taranis. This Taranis is to be remembered as the ship fitting that inspired Margarite to start to build the fittings for ships, as well as, the ships. Also in terms of her own ships she wants to try to invent another Occator and has always failed trying to invent these. Later today she will try again to invent an Occator blueprint copy when she has finished another large batch of Tech II ammo blueprints. She has only so many invention jobs she can work on at one time and the ammo invention takes only 37 minutes at a try.

Another ship invention and build project is for one of her factory workers. This Minmatar pilot has 1 Mastodon built by Margarite. Margarite is working to invent some medium cargohold optimization II rigs for this ship. She has invented the Tech II rig blueprints for these and this was her first rig invention success. The materials needed to build these rigs are very expensive, so they are also waiting to be built. Margarite would also like to built this factory worker a 2nd Mastodon and also 2 Prowlers. The worker pilot also has to train more to use the proper shields for these ships and the cloaking devices for the Prowlers.