December 28, 2009

Margarite completed a level 1 version of "Worlds Collide"

Margarite was able to complete a mission in 0.0 space. It did not seem any different from high security space in terms of the mission itself. Because it was 0.0 space though, Margarite had to be on the look out for non alliance members who would kill her. In the end she needed help to complete the mission.

October 11, 2009

Margarite lost a battleship in a level 4 mission earlier this morning.

Margarite had built a Maelstrom battleship from a blueprint copy she had bought. She had done this inspired by the little fan fiction film "Clear Skies". Last night her buddy wanted to teach her more about damage. They worked to fit the Maelstrom for shield protection. Then they went into the mission "When Worlds Collide". Margarite got jammed and could not warp out to safety and the pirates destroyed her battleship. She escaped in her capsule. It was not too serious and Margarite collected some insurance on the ship. She was not using this ship too much so she felt no great loss in all this.

September 7, 2009

Margarite flew four level four missons in her Brutix ship with three of these as a remote repair ship.

Margarite was concerned at the beginning of the weekend with raising her security status. It was around 0.36 on Friday morning. Now it is above 0.5. She was successful with this goal as she had planned by joining a friend who invites her to missions. Her friend teaches her things and coaches her through the missions. In another way of putting it her friend is the leader of the fleet and calls out orders to Margarite as a support pilot. Today Margarite learned how to be a remote repair pilot and also how to group drones.

In the first mission, two Dominix's battleships had been unable to complete the final room in a previous attempt. Margarites friend and another third friend had tried this with the two Dominix's. This Saturday on the other hand, with Margarite's friend flying a Dominix and Margarite flying her Brutix, the mission was a success. This successful mission was done with Margarite avoiding being targeted. She was able to attack mostly with 5 Hammer II drones and was able to take out missile batteries, towers and frigates. The other pilot in the Dominix took all the damage and attacked the larger battleships the pirates were flying. In this first challenging mission both Margarite and the other pilot needed to warp out of the battle to repair the Dominix ship numerous times. It may have been 6 or 7 times they needed to warp out and then make their way back in via the acceleration gates. At least one time, the other pilot took serious hull damage, as they had not warped out soon enough.

Then the next day, they tried to set up the Brutix to act as a remote repair ship. This worked very well. Although the Brutix could only fit 2 small remote repairers and 1 medium regenerative remote repairer this was enough to hold the Dominix armor at zero damage. The first mission and use of the remote repair units required only one warp out and the remainder of that mission and the remaining missions were done without warping to safety. Margarite was still able to use drones to attack the smaller targets.

The basic and simple plan again was for Margarite to fly into combat once all the pirates had targeted the Dominix. She would then, for navigating the ship, simply set the Brutix to approach the Dominix for the whole battle. As the Dominix moved the Brutix would follow. This also helps the Brutix avoid being targeted by pirates at other distances, as basically they will choose to remain targeted on their first target, the Dominix. The Brutix will thus never become a closer target. In the beginning of the battle, once the Brutix is within 4000 meters of the Dominix, the Briutix would lock target on the Dominix and start the remote repair units. These then stay on for the duration of the battle. Once this is set up the Margarite launches her drones on the frigates. To do this she must target the frigates and then select them so she does not target the Dominix with the drones. If she makes this mistake and targets the Dominix, she is warned and can avoid this friendly fire. This is the other simple part of this plan. The Dominix starts attacking the largest ships and works towards the smallest. Whereas the Brutix starts with the smallest ships and work towards the larger ones. In today's three missions the Brutix would typically destroy all the frigates, all the destroyers and then most of the cruisers before the two pilots would be attacking the same ships and finish the battle with the three to five largest ships being joint kills.

While the bounty awarded for killings these pirates is nothing compared to hunting pirates in 0.0 security systems, combined with selling and reprocessing the loot from the pirate wreaks Margarite was able to buy enough ferrogel and fermion condensates to finish building all the components needed to another tech II ship and has started to build the components for yet another one. This first ship building job started yesterday and will be ending later today. The second ship to build is an Oneiros and Margarite will be able to afford to keep the Oneiros and use it as a better more effective remote repair ship as that is what the Oneiros is designed for. So both pilots will soon own an Oneiros. They must both train to use these properly still. Today was great practice and proved the effectiveness of remote repair to them both.

August 15, 2009

Margarite has been completing her first level two missions this weekend.

Margarite has been given some help getting her standings up with the Federal Navy. She can now ask for level two missions. She completed two of these missions last night. She has had it fairly easy finding agents to complete missions for around Gallente solar systems. Her old corporation are all very helpful pilots. For example, to improve her standings for refining at a station where she commonly refines ore she was given an agent's name, solar system and station location to run missions for, and this agent is from the same corporation as the refining station corporation. This means when she gets increased standing for completing the missions her standing also improve for refining. This is the agent she worked for for a number of mission and was able to reach level two missions. She also has the advantage of time. Because she rarely completes missions she has trained all kinds of skills and has the best ships for these missions. She used her Brutix almost completely fitted to the specs for a level two mission runner, a former fellow corp mate posted on battle clinic. She is only missing one rig to make it complete. It works very well for these level two missions so far.

April 11, 2009

Wormholes and fleets...Maragrite is not alone in New Eden.

Margarite is often flying an Iteron V with miners. Here she picks up the cargo containers these miners jettison their ore into. They mine and fill up their ships cargo then jettison the ore into cargo containers which magically appear when anything is jettisoned from a ship. She then flys within 1500 meters of the cargo containers and accesses the cargo container and transfers the ore to the larger cargo hold of the Iteron V. These mining fleets are one of her main activities flying with other players.

Today she flew with a ratting fleet. "Rats" are the in game term for NPC pirates. The goal today was to kill all the pirates and then loot their ships. They were also guarding a data centre. So while one player cracked into the data centre for more rewards, Maragrite and other corp members fought off the pirates. Margarite needed to be careful because the pirates were using missiles with about 15,000 damage points. Her ship had only 18,000 hit points. Meaning even one missile would badly cripple her ship and two would destroy it entirely. The only way for this to work for her, is if the other players have better ships and can remain the targets. The pirates will only target so many of us. If done right Margarite can fight and not be targeted. This worked today. The real difference here is that this took place in a Wormhole. A wormhole is a new discovery in New Eden. Both the pirates are more dangerous and the rewards are much greater, in wormholes.

January 29, 2009

Margarite flew some missions lately.

Margarite was set up with an agent in a safe system away from low sec systems and began completing missions there and completed her first story line mission. She has now moved to another agent who will, if she does enough missions for this coproration allow her to raise her standings high enough to think about jump clones.

October 13, 2008

Cosmos missions

Some regulars allowed Margarite to fly along on a Cosmos mission. She was able in her Thorax cruiser to kill some other Thoraxes using her drones. She did not dare more than once to bring her blasters to bear on the cruisers. The regulars shot battleships.

Margarite inspired by all this bought the battlecrusier skill book and trained it to level 1. If she trains cruisers to the next level that is level 4 she can buy start training the skill book for battleships. The guys gave her the mission objective item but these are level three missions and she can not yet do these missions or turn them in. She did make about 1 million ISK in bounty for pirates she killed.

August 27, 2008

Margarite has started to complete level 1 missions

Using a Tristan and Catalyst Margarite has started to complete level 1 missions. She was beaten down to hull damage three times in the last mission. She would return to base each time and get repair by paying for it. This meant that the ISK from the mission just covered the repair bill. But she was able to use missiles for the first time. She also checked out the Nemesis ship which is a cruise missile launcher and can also use covert operations skills. This ship costs 16 million ISK but she is investigating buying one of these tech II level ships.