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I bought yet another piece of land ajoinning my present land and placed a shop.

I was logged in on the train and my wife watched me play the game. I saw a women in an evening dress in the neighbouring lot. I chatted with her and found out she owned the little wooden house on the lot but was not there much and she mostly did role playing games. I asked her if she would mind if I put a shop there beside her lot. I have two 512 sq m lots there now sort of diagonally connected to my office lot and a small 64 sq m lot there too to make a wider connection. So I had just bought the second 512 sq m lot when I talked to the neighbour to that lot. I figured these two joined flat lots would be a good location for a store as they are both close to the protected road.

Then on Monday I searched through the two Yanni's free building folders in my inventory which I have. I found a store and rezed it and then spent about half an hour placing it inside the two lots. This is significant I edited the store while flying so my skills in movement are improving.  I was able to fly around the building and see that it fit inside my property lines properly. The store can also be raised on a pedestal but I sunk the pedestal.  The raised aspect is what got me flying while I edited. The store is very futuristic and that was the last time I was logged in and today I can not log in.


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