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Pictures of Monty House with self made texture done in GIMP

I was inspired while trying to create a hidden self portrait in GIMP to try a GIMP filter for creating a texture to use on the walls of the new house. It was quite easy once I tried it and it worked well with very little experimentation. I had a definite vision of what I wanted and it seemed to turn out very easy. I put the new texture into Second Life and then applied it to all the solid walls. I was going for a grassy thatched look to the walls.

To find out the proper size for a texture graphic I searched Second Life using Google and found the size should be 64 by 64 pixels. I read about this on this page http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_FAQ at the Second Life Wiki. This page is about textures for sculpted prims but it had the size I was looking for and inspired me to think ahead. It would be neat to develop a sculpted prim wall that worked as thatched grass. This would move slightly when touched and have the physics of a real thatched wall. This would also give it a variable depth and allow for a real 3D texture.

Below you can see some pictures of my new house and the walls although the pictures are not clear it seems.

Picture 1MontyHouse08-01-20_001.bmp
Picture 2 MontyHouse08-01-20_002.bmp
Picture 3 MontyHouse08-01-20_003.bmp
Picture 4MontyHouse08-01-20_004.bmp
Picture 5 MontyHouse08-01-20_005.bmp
Picture 6 MontyHouse08-01-20_006.bmp


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