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Building in Monty, learning and making mistakes.

At any rate I now have my old house set up in Monty, my crystal computing web design offices and have a roof or second floor started on the club building. I have at least 400 prims I can still use right now to build so should be fine. I got in some trouble when I joined the desks with the house and cubicles and then unlinked and the one desk became unlinked and then the house too. I think I have put the desk back together now. It was the first part to become affected because I tried to move the whole desk when it was unlinked and I took it apart in affect. I tried to put it back the way it was when I bought it. I think now I will unrez everything at the office and take it back to inventory and start with a fresh 27 prim beach house. Then only link the cubicles and stairs. They will have be all unlinked before I do this though.

Before this I learned it would be better if my z rotation for the offices were right angles to the grid so that when objects are moved inside they move right angles to the offices when they are being placed in the offices, because objects generally move right angles to the grid axis.


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