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Providing an extra ship in station for the Iteron Mark III

Margarite was loaned an Iteron Mark III. She decided to end this morning's mining and production runs with some reinforcement work. Deciding to leave herself a Navitas Frigate at the same station as the Iteron Mark III. Her plan is now about half completed. She first mined enough Tritanium to make a shuttle for the trip back to her home. When she makes that trip later this morning she will be done.

So she got out of her cruiser at home and emptied its cargo hold but did not strip it. She then assembled and made active an extra Navitas she had kept from production runs for her own use. She fitted this with her extra 150MM Railgun I and an EP-5 Gaussian I Excavation Pulse. She also bought two Expanded Cargohold I's and placed one in the Navitas. She also placed an extra 50MM Reinforced Nanofiber Plates unit in the second low slot. She then bought two more Survey Scanner I's and placed one of these in her ship. She actually had to buy these at another station and is there now. She also bought the blueprint for the Survey Scanner I and is now on her way to pick this up. It is in the same system as the Iteron.

In her cargo at the moment in the Navitas is the extra Survey Scanner she just picked up which she will put in the Iteron Mark III. Also in the cargo are blueprints for the shuttle and her Miner I blueprint so she can outfit the Navitas with a better Mining Laser before she leaves it at the other station. As soon as she picks up the Survey Scanner I blueprint and a replacement 150MM Railgun in her destination system. She will go to the station where the Iteron is waitng and start the production of the shuttle. When that starts she will take a break for an hour or two. She also needs to research whether she can take everything she needs back in the shuttle or if she can buy a cargo expander to help with this. This is the only flaw so far with this plan.

She will have to do some mining with the Navitas before leaving or later to get materials for the Mining Laser but she may just buy these.