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September 14, 2008

The more expensive skill books continue to be bought and cheap ones too. 9 skills are at maxed out level V now.

Margarite has now learned nine skills to level 5. She still needs to get her Frigate and Cruiser flying skills up and the construction skills for both of these ships too. She also needs to get electronics and gunnery up to level 5 those are some of her major training goals at the moment.

In minor training she is training a variety of skills in a variety of plans. Mostly she is training around the rail gun specialisation for weapons and she has the skills book for this but can not train it yet. She also bought a trajectory skill book and continues to training her targeting and related skills. She has sharpshooter now at level 3.

Otherwise her training is in industry and science skills and she has bought a few new skills like electrical engineering, and scientific networking. She is now trained to production efficiency level 4 and needs to get to level 5 still.

She can train omber processing now and also has trained her social and trade skills. She trained her social skills to access a certain agent for level 1 missions. Her contracting skill has been trained up a bit too. Her refining skill is now at level 5.

This weekend also saw her buying her first implants and she has two beta implants one for plus 2 memory and one for plus 2 perception.

One of the readers of this Blog has been helping Margarite this past week.

Margarite is interacting with members of her new corp. One pilot reads this blog and helped her quite a bit as have other members of the new corp. They have been helpful and cooperative and also interesting pilots to work with. Her player is learning a lot of tricks and techniques from these members of the new corp. She has been tasked as a hauler a few times now. She earns some money doing this.

She has also been to a Player Owned Station (POS) now and tonight started her first copying run in the POS. She is trying to invent some tech II rail guns for her future combat ship. She also used a corp blue print to make a Thorax which should be ready in about an hour now.

Her friend advised her to fly a Thorax. She also bought a Heilos but can not fly it yet and also has some many days to learn to fly it with the right rigs, probes, fittings and skills.

The other news in ships is that she is working and studying towards building a couple of Eris ships. Another corp member who is also just learning invention offered to invent these tech II level Eris BP's for her. She will give one ship to her friend who loaned her the ISK for the skill books she needed to start inventing!

But there is really no other news in ships except that she now has two Exequrors but the new one is not outfitted yet.

September 3, 2008

Her best friend in Eve bought Margarite some skill books

Margarite was looking for a hobgoblin II blueprint and was told she would have to invent this. So she discovered invention and this is how tech II blueprints are come by. She did buy the Catalyst blueprint and was looking at inventing this blueprint which would produce an Eris ship blueprint and that is the tech II Catalyst. She though needed at least three skills. Namely Gallente Encryption Methods, Gallente Starship Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. These would cost 23 million ISK and her corp mate loaned her the money when asked with only a promise that Margarite would then make her one of these Eris ships.

At about this same time her corp members had decided to all join another corp which has many more pilots and is more advanced with some PVP, some mining and some building. So all in all Margarite now has the chance to do some fairly heavy building.

She is almost finished training one learning skill to level V and that is Analytical Mind. This skill was the most often suggested learning skill in Eve monitor that would help the learning of new skills speed up. Later today she will finally have this skill at level V. She also has now bought the learning skill Presence which is a sometimes but rarely suggested skill by Eve Monitor. But she can not yet start training this skill. At the moment she is training Gallente Starship Engineering to level 1 then she will finish off the training of Analytical Mind which has about 14 hrs left to train.