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August 27, 2008

Margarite has started to complete level 1 missions

Using a Tristan and Catalyst Margarite has started to complete level 1 missions. She was beaten down to hull damage three times in the last mission. She would return to base each time and get repair by paying for it. This meant that the ISK from the mission just covered the repair bill. But she was able to use missiles for the first time. She also checked out the Nemesis ship which is a cruise missile launcher and can also use covert operations skills. This ship costs 16 million ISK but she is investigating buying one of these tech II level ships.

August 24, 2008

Margarite was able to mine an exploration site and now has 6.4 million ISK from minerals sales.

Margarites corporation members have taken her mining a few times now. They split the minerals in half afterwards. One of her corp members does exploration. One night this past week she was invited to mine with this pilot. She sold the minerals except for the Pyerite and now has 6.4 million ISK that she has not yet spent. She may buy her Helios with this but the corp has also told her she can fly theirs. She was thinking about buying a Catalyst blueprint. But these ships do not sell for much. Her other choice for this ISK was the skill presence. But she decided against that for now. So she is saving her ISK for now.

Speaking of blueprints she has put her new Small Tractor Beam I blueprint in for some materials research. She also just bought a Cargohold Expander I blueprint and also put it in for research. This is really overkill though as the materials needed for the expander are minimal. But they are rarer minerals so may be this will pay off.

August 16, 2008

Margarite is working more with her corporation but we can not give details. She is getting good advice

Ever worried about PVP Margarites corporation has to keep its secrets so she can not blog details like locations and whereabouts. She is learning to show info of other pilots in the systems she is in. This way she can identify the pirates and the good guys.

She has been mining with other corp members and doing quite well with about 4 million ISK per mining run. She mines in 0.5 sec space now. This means she can mine her own Isogen which is the fourth most common mineral and second sort of "out of training" mineral she encountered. Up to this point she has had to buy Isogen to make things with it. Now she can mine it on her own but needs to get refining to level 5 before she can train Omber processing. Omber ore is what produces Isogen.

She flew the Retriever for the the first time last night with Strip Miners.

She also is being advised to fly a Catalyst for salvage and clean up of missions. It has taken her a week now and she still does not have the Catalyst she bought fitted to the ideal. She did buy the blueprint for Small Tractor Beams I and is now making these in the past two days. She needs to make her self three of these for her Catalyst and she needs four salvagers. These are seven high slots but the Catalyst will take 8 and is a tech I destroyer class ship. It is also a cheap ship. This reminds her she should buy the blueprint for this ship.

Her security status is now 0.07.

August 8, 2008

Margarite bought a Tristan and flew a mission

Margarite has been making all her ISK mining. She also makes ISK from gifts like yesterday when a pilot that bought 1 unit of Tritanium for 4,999,999 ISK. Thanks for the ISK. Another player advised her she could make much more ISK if she flew missions and refined the stuff the she salvages and loots from pirates. It is true she has just made a lot selling salvaged parts in the past week. So this fellow advised her to get a Tristan frigate for the level 1 missions she has yet to do. She did this and has started to outfit the Tristan and flew one mission successfully so far killing 7 pirates and looting and salvaging their ships. She is now learning missiles and has also learned to use ship mounted repair devices.

Her first Tech two item was a Miner II, of course. Today she fitted a Tech II Small Capacitor Battery.

August 4, 2008

The coming two month's ships and when Margarite can fly them

Margarite's player is a student so the year begins about now in the beginning of August in the school paper agenda. So looking now at Margarite's main plan from Eve Monitor she will report today her future ships for the next couple of months and the soonest she can fly them: What is below is actually only the next two months at the moment: Her Eve Monitor plan is actually just short of one year long.

This wil be flyable in 00/00/02:08:03 ( 2 days, 8 hours and three minutes)

August 3, 2008

Why not choose both? Cooperation in Eve has allowed Margarite to have both the Retriever and the Covert Ops skill book before 14:00 Eve Time.

Margarite was on her first mining run after the downtime when she was engaged in chat with a player with 4 alts. This player was just back from 0.0 systems. Where Margarite is, is his home base. This fellow or women had 2 of these alts at 4.0 security status. So the pilots did not seem a threat to Margarite. She chatted with one of the pilots. She told the pilot she was just mining to buy a Retriever. He said, he would give her one for free. Margarite was suspicious. And even when he offered her a contract for a Retriever for 0.00 ISK, she checked it out first with her corp CEO. The CEO said, an Item Exchange should not be a hazard. So Margarite went for it; and now has a free ship. She then bought the skill book for Covert Ops with her ISK. So she made both goals today. And welcome home great hero you will not be forgotten for your gifts to the engineering las Margarite.

Margarite will not be able to afford a Retriever before downtime; but may be later after downtown she will afford her next ship.

She is doing her last mining run before downtime now. She hopes to be done just 10 minutes before downtime and that is when her cargo container, or "jetcan" as they are known, is set to explode. She must empty it before that point. It is about half full now at 10:10. She should be fine as long as the computer does not crash nor her connection to the Eve server get lost. She could also be delayed by pirate attacks.

She has just shy of 3 million ISK now in her wallet. But she needs 5.2 million for the Retriever ship she wants. She will not be able to make up this difference in this one remaining run. So that means she will not be able to buy the Retriever before downtime. She may, in fact, need about 5 or 6 more runs to get enough ISK. A full can run for her Iteron III capacity seems to be taking half an hour when things go smoothly. She can not assume the runs will go as smoothly after downtime. But she may have enough ISK to make a delivery contract for the Retriever at a good appealing price by 16:00 Eve time today.

She considered buying Covert Ops with her present funds so that she would be buying before downtime but has now decided that would not be smart. So until after downtime then.

Well before she could finish this post and just before the end of her run, the pirates did attack. She beat them quick with her cruiser. She looted their cargos. Now her Iteron is salvaging them and she has emptied her cargo container full of Azure Plagioclase. And now she is docking safely for downtime. She will just have time in station to refine the ore and count her ISK if she sells the processed minerals.

And now as downtime is here she has 3.5 million ISK making half a million from that run. She is training Caldari Frigate to level 3 and should be flying a Retriever by early Wednesday evening. She spent close to 2 million ISK on other unplanned skill books today.

Present habits with skills training include using Eve monitor plans and also filling up skill areas with all possible and affordable skills to level two.

With Eve Monitor, Margarite has a one year plan for about 5 ships. She needs at least 137 days until she can fly a Hulk. She also has plans for a tech II cruiser and some advanced other ships. All together and including better manufacturing skills and better processing skills that will be a one year plan. It will cost less than 200 million for all the skill books. The most expensive skill costs 64 million. Then the ships must be bought.

She now has started at the bottom of the skills list to fill up trade and social. These are better than half filled now with owned skill books. She also has a fair amount of mechanic and industry skill books bought now. And her science skills are coming along. She has 31 science skills in total to buy and many of these are costing 10 million each which she can just not afford yet.

Here, in fact, are the skill book ownership statistics today.

Corporate Management
3 of 3 skills owned!
4 of 4 skills owned!
12 of 12 skills owned!
11 of 11 skills owned!
11 of 11 skills owned!
9 of 13 skills owned.
4 of 6 skills owned.
9 of 9 skills owned!
12 of 14 skills owned.
Missile Launcher Operation
1 of 3 skills owned.
5 of 6 skills owned.
11 of 31 skills owned.
5 of 9 skills owned.
Space Ship Command
9 of 15 skills owned.
4 of 5 skills owned.

There that is the whole list for today. If you add it all up, she is missing 22 skill books from the present possible total. She has outside of these a handful of skill books owned that can not be trained just yet and are part of her plans. These extra skill books are her first books for outfitting a ship in the plans. These are, in fact, skills needed to fly the Helios well. Other players have been teaching her this about ships and training.

Margarite is only 3 days away from being able to fly a Retriever

Training in Mining Barges is now at level 3 for Ms. Liberte. She has 3 days left to train Astrogeology to level 4 then just needs to train Caldari Frigate to level 3. Of course, she also needs to buy the ship which is about 5 million ISK. She may try to buy it with a contract for 4.5 million. This may include delivery which might be nice.

She has been working hard as a miner these past two days. She intends to work as a miner until downtime today to earn the ISK to buy the ship and then just before downtime she will buy the ship.

The next ship after this is the Helios. This is about 17 day's training away including the Retriever. The only two skills she needs to train for this ship are Gallente Frigate to level 5 and then she must buy Covert Ops and train that to level 1.

The Helios is priced at about 9 million. The Covert Ops costs about 3.5 million. She may try to buy the Helios with a contract for 8.5 million.

Her player is enjoying the game and will plan to pay for game time for a few months ahead.