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Margarite was able to mine an exploration site and now has 6.4 million ISK from minerals sales.

Margarites corporation members have taken her mining a few times now. They split the minerals in half afterwards. One of her corp members does exploration. One night this past week she was invited to mine with this pilot. She sold the minerals except for the Pyerite and now has 6.4 million ISK that she has not yet spent. She may buy her Helios with this but the corp has also told her she can fly theirs. She was thinking about buying a Catalyst blueprint. But these ships do not sell for much. Her other choice for this ISK was the skill presence. But she decided against that for now. So she is saving her ISK for now.

Speaking of blueprints she has put her new Small Tractor Beam I blueprint in for some materials research. She also just bought a Cargohold Expander I blueprint and also put it in for research. This is really overkill though as the materials needed for the expander are minimal. But they are rarer minerals so may be this will pay off.