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After some 11 days of training Margerite is flying her first Battle Clinic outfitted ship.

Margarite planned to build a Thorax and did using corporation blueprints and her own minerals. She researched the Battle Clinic version of the Thorax and one came out miles ahead. This was submitted to Battle Clinic by Unprogrammable and had 77 votes when Margarite began to put this together. It now has some 87 votes. After building it she had some extra ISK from the closing of her former player corp and she bought the Tech II blasters and 1600 MM tungsten nano plate and other items like drones and ships systems in this build. She then trained for 11 of the 15 days needed to fly the build. She still has some four days left to train to get her high speed maneuvering to level 4. But she flew the Thorax this evening and used the blasters on some NPC pirates. She is following advice from other players.

She also used her Tristan to completed some level 1 missions. She actually had to attack a CONCORD ship in this mission. But nothing happened even though CONCORD are like the police in this game. After reprocessing all the ships loot she made about one million ISK from the mission.