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Margarite now makes Small Tractor Beam I's for a profit and they sell well. She is also still learning about Tech II manufacturing.

A mate in the corp had suggested a set up for a Catalyst for salvaging. This includes about four Small Tractor Beam I's. Margarite does have one Catalyst set up this way with also three Salvager I's. She also has a railgun on this ship. She made a second catalyst and was going to try outfitting it with all 150 mm railgun I's but then took them all off and set up a second salvaging Catalyst.

She now plans to use these extra 150 mm railguns to make Tech II rails guns. This may end up being her first Tech II manufacturing project but she will need a Caldari engineering skill book for this.

She will need a third Catalyst for the base ship to make an Eris. Another corp mate is going to make the Eris for her and she has been buying the components for this over the past three weeks. The other corp mate has already invented the blueprint for her including supplying the parts for the invention. This past week Margarite contracted with this fellow to make some components namely 125 Ion Thrusters. Making the Eris is a long term plan and the Eris does not seem a popular ship and also it would be cheaper to just buy one.

Of course, one of her philosophies is to be able to make what she flies. So she bought, a few months ago the Small Tractor Beam I blueprint. These Tractor Beams sell for about one million ISK each which was another reason to make her own; tractor beams are expensive. It turns out to be cheaper to make them than buy them. Recently she has been making these almost exclusively. She even buys the Isogen and Mexallion when needed to make tractor beams rather than mine these minerals. Of course, she needs to still buy Nocxium, Megacyte, and Zydrine as well. But she comes out ahead by about 50%. So she has been funding her progress and programs in Eve lately by making Small Tractor Beam I's.