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The first attack and loss of ship. Bye bye to the Iteron Mark 5 all minerals lost.

They said it would happen and it did. Margarite was in a system picking up minerals and because her corporation was at a war she became a target. It took less than 30 seconds for her ship to be destroyed and she barely warped away in her pod to safety. Nanobot the enemy pilot had been spotted in system earlier and Margarite should not have undocked. So it was her mistake too. She lost about 11 million ISK of minerals in the attack. Her Iteron Mark V was destroyed. The irony is this was a mineral run to make 25 tractor beams which she was going to sell for 25 million and then she would have been able to buy the transports skill book. These transport ships are armored versions of the Iteron and had she been in one of these ships she might have been able to escape with her ship.