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Margarite survived undercutting of her tractor beam sales.

Margarite was being undercut locally in her tractor beam sales. Learning to cope with his taught her more about markets. She was able in her last big production run to make 100 tractor beams and sell them all. She spent a lot on outfitting her new PVP ships and she also bought a few skill books. At present she is back on step 2 for her business plan. But she has misjudged the step starting from 20 million ISK and trying to make 40 million. After spending the 20 million on minerals she is still short minerals. She decided to make 8 tractor beams last night and set them for sale this morning.This way she can buy more minerals. She hopes this will produce 32 million ISK to buy her Viator and she will need to move fast to get her next ship after that the other transport the Occator. So far the goal of buying the transports skill book has been achived.