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Margarite is continuing to normalise her skills

Continuing to normalize the skill levels for all her skills Mararite is a bit adrift in skill training. The end reslt should be good though but will be more general than focused. She has this set of skill levels at the moment.

  • Skills at Level 1: 15
  • Skills at Level 2: 61
  • Skills at Level 3: 52
  • Skills at Level 4: 27
  • Skills at Level 5: 18

She still must get level 2 to equal level 4. So she needs to get move 34 level 2 skills to level 3 and has room for three new skills at level 1.

Since her post of december 29th, or about year end, about this normalization she has actually moved one skill to level 5(spatial awareness), three skills to level 4, 22 skills from level 2 to level 3 and 20 skills from level 1 to level 2. And finally she has trained ten new skills to level 1.