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February 26, 2009

Margarite had her first succesful invention today

Margarite has been focusing on building in the last week. She has chosen to be an Amarr ship builder. She was also tasked with making ammo the past couple of months. This past week she trained Electomagnetic Physics and Plasma Physics and these are now at level 3. This helps her make ammo, that is tech II ammo and also will help her with ship building. Of course, she is talking about building tech II ships so she must also invent the tech II blueprints. She will not be ready to do the inventions for another 27 days but she has been skilled enough to invent tech II Hobgoblin drones for a few months now. Her first attempt failed with only one blueprint copy used as she attempted invention. Today, she tried two blueprints for two invention jobs and her first was successful giving her the first success with invention in her career. Ths second invention job will finish later today. So now she will try to make these tech II Hobgoblin drones and sell them.

February 22, 2009

Building skill have been a recent focus.

Margarite now has Tech II ship building skills for Gallente, Caldari and Amarr Tech II ships. At the moment she is focusing on Amar skills and has both Amar Encryption methods and Amarr Starship Engineering at level 3. These still must move to level 4. That will take about four days each or eights days for both.

She has also now trained Production Efficiency to within two and a half days of level 5.