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January 29, 2009

Margarite is continuing to normalise her skills

Continuing to normalize the skill levels for all her skills Mararite is a bit adrift in skill training. The end reslt should be good though but will be more general than focused. She has this set of skill levels at the moment.

  • Skills at Level 1: 15
  • Skills at Level 2: 61
  • Skills at Level 3: 52
  • Skills at Level 4: 27
  • Skills at Level 5: 18

She still must get level 2 to equal level 4. So she needs to get move 34 level 2 skills to level 3 and has room for three new skills at level 1.

Since her post of december 29th, or about year end, about this normalization she has actually moved one skill to level 5(spatial awareness), three skills to level 4, 22 skills from level 2 to level 3 and 20 skills from level 1 to level 2. And finally she has trained ten new skills to level 1.

Margarite flew some missions lately.

Margarite was set up with an agent in a safe system away from low sec systems and began completing missions there and completed her first story line mission. She has now moved to another agent who will, if she does enough missions for this coproration allow her to raise her standings high enough to think about jump clones.

January 4, 2009

Normalisation of skills continues

Margarite is still trying to bring her low level skills up to the middle that is level 3. She has 19 skills at level 1, 60 skills at level 2, 44 skills at level 3, 26 skills at level 4 and still 17 skills at level 5. So 2 level 1 skills must move to level 3 taking about one to seven hours each to reach level 2 and then seven to nineteen hours each to reach level 3. Now she has presently 34 skills to be trained to level 3 plus the two first level skills also needing to be trained to level 3. This means 36 skills need to be trained, at worst for nineteen hours each, but this training many actually take seven, nine, eleven, fourteen, or seventeen hours for each skill. The two level 1 skills to level 2 may take a few hours say half a day at worst and then the 36 skills times nineteen hours at worst would be six hundred and eighty four hours or about twenty nine days to acheive this goal.