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December 29, 2008

Margarite has three new skill books since yesterday

Margarite now has Supply Chain Management and has it trained to level 2. She attempted one remote production job but lacked minerals.

She also trained the new skill book Caldari Encryption Methods to level 1. This is good for inventing Tech II rail guns. She is learning to use Tech II guns and also medium guns now. She has not done much training of guns or even missiles.

She also now has a Heavy Drone Operation skill book and has trained this as well today.

And she continued normalizing the skill levels for all her skills. She has 25 skills at level 1, 59 skills at level 2, 38 skills at level 3, 25 skills at level 4 and still 17 skills at level 5. So 8 level 1 skills must move to level 3 taking about one to three hours each to reach level 2 and then seven to nineteen hours each to reach level 3. So the outside total time for this would be 216 hours or about nine days. Then training the desired 59 - 25 skills or 34 skills at level 2 to level 3 will also take seven to nineteen hours each. Thus the outside time for this would be about 646 hours or about 27 days. So the whole normalizing plan could take more than one month.

Margarite had only 212.16 isk today at one point.

With a balance of only 212.16 one corp member said she had set a record. Another told her to give him the 212 so she did. He then returned her 500,000 ISK but she gave it right back. So smallest balance recently was 0.16 ISK.

She got into this state of finances buying minerals. But within the same day she was back up to at least 1.9 million ISK and bought more minerals by buying minerals she and another player had mined. So she had her modest share and then paid the player 1.9 million for more than her share of the mining. This then gave her enough tritanium for 35 tractor beams.

Her player taught this partner who is a newbie player to set names for containers, to transfer minerals to containers while mining and warping to bookmarks.

Margarite also gave the partner all the salvage from the pirate ships they killed while mining. Other players have done this kind of lopsided partnerships with her when she was starting out, so she did likewise with this new pilot.

December 28, 2008

Margarite has fully trained her skills for flying a Keres.

Margarite has trained to fly a Keres. She has chosen three battle clinic builds for various roles in fleet PVP operations. She has also bought all the modules for these three builds. She is though not flying in corporation or alliance PVP fleets but is on the home front making ammo for the fleets.

She has tried the basic cloak for her Keres. But she has not tried all the other modules yet. This means basically she does not fly this ship yet.

Margarite is training her level 2 skills to level 3 for a more normal distribution of skill levels.

Margarite has about 60 skills at level 2 and about 25 skills at level 4. She would like to train 35 of the level 2 skills to level 3 and have an equal number of skills at level 2 and 4 and have the bulk of skills at level 3. She has 17 skills at level 5 and 25 skills at level 1. She will also train 8 of the level 1 skills to level 3 so that both level 1 and 5 match with 17 skills. This may take a week or two.

December 15, 2008

Margarite has a multiple of skills with 4 days and less to train.

Margarite still needs 23 days to reach Cruiser level 5 and she has less than 15 days to Production Efficency level 5. For Research level 5 she is about 5 days off. For Senor Linking level 4 she is 2 days and three hours from completion. For Cloaking level 4 which will allow her to use advanced Tech II cloaking she is 4 days off. She has ony two learning skills remaining at level 3 all the rest are levels 4 or 5. She has also started training Rocket Science and needs Caldari Encryption Engineering Methods still to start to invent Tech II missile blueprints. With this skill book she can also invent Tech II rail gun blueprints.

Margarite survived undercutting of her tractor beam sales.

Margarite was being undercut locally in her tractor beam sales. Learning to cope with his taught her more about markets. She was able in her last big production run to make 100 tractor beams and sell them all. She spent a lot on outfitting her new PVP ships and she also bought a few skill books. At present she is back on step 2 for her business plan. But she has misjudged the step starting from 20 million ISK and trying to make 40 million. After spending the 20 million on minerals she is still short minerals. She decided to make 8 tractor beams last night and set them for sale this morning.This way she can buy more minerals. She hopes this will produce 32 million ISK to buy her Viator and she will need to move fast to get her next ship after that the other transport the Occator. So far the goal of buying the transports skill book has been achived.

December 13, 2008

Margarite has been training to fly ships as her present focus

Although Margarite is an engineer she is training her piloting skills and skills needed to fly ships outfitted according to battle clinic builds she has chosen.

Here are the ships she either, owns, or has ordered to buy. The times remaining in her training schedules to use the outfitted ships are also included.

3 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes
4 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes
30 days, 5 hours, 17 minutes
28 days, 11 hours, 2 minutes
19 days, 19 hours, 39 minutes

The first two both require Sensor Linking level 4 so they can be trained at the same time. Then all the ships require different skills. She has also trained Drone skills so she can now use Tech II Hobgoblin drones.

Margarite made 80 tractor beams and sold most of them.

One of Margarite's production managers loaned her 50 million ISK and she bought minerals to make 100 tractor beams. She was short isogen and mexallion but was able so far to make 80 tractor beams and pay back 40 million ISK. She got most of the tritanium and pyerite from mining with her corp mates a week or so ago. She needed to deliver some tractor beams and fill buy orders at a lower price to make her sales. She is under some undercutting pressure in her home system so has had to cut her asking prices.

December 3, 2008

Margarite has bought two Tech II ships in the past two weeks.

Margarite has bought a Ishkur assault frigate. This is a Tech II frigate used in Player Versus Player (PVP) fighting. She does not do much of this playing. The Ishkur was recommend by the CEO of her corp. The CEO told her to fly one of these when she mentioned in chat that she had completed Frigate training to level 5. So she was not planning on flying an assault frigate. She was training Frigate to level 5 so she could fly her Helios.

During this conversation with the CEO Margarite misunderstood the term assault frigate and looking at her skill set saw that she could buy and afford the skill book for Electronic Attack Ship. So during the conversation, she bought this skill book. Then she decided to buy the Keres an electronic attack ship. Again her old friend told her this ship is designed for specialised PVP play.

These two ships were mistakes then so Margarite will not put training for these ships and outfitting these ships at a very high priority. Rather she is now putting a higher priority on training for and outfitting the Helios.

She bought some probes without any advice but bought them all for much lower than the regional market average. So she really needs to learn more about probes. She does now have some probe launchers and BPO's for these launchers. She also is doing materials research on these BPO's.

Margarite has a an income from her business plan.

Using the first few steps for her plan she is able to make ISK income with less mining on her own. So really cooperating is the key to keeping the business plan functioning. She has repeated step 1 a few times and just this weekend repeated step 2 and actually had 50 tractor beams for sale at the end of the weekend. Just before this she bought a Keres. She has about 25 tractor beams for sale now. She is just about to start buying minerals for her next production runs. She will try to make another step 1 and then 2 before the coming weekend. She must pay for a Viator this weekend. A more experienced pilot was saying this was not a good choice but she is stubborn and will be trying to buy the transports skill book before the weekend and the purchase of the Viator. This means she needs an extra 25 million ISK outside of the production ISK she must maintain..