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Margarite has three new skill books since yesterday

Margarite now has Supply Chain Management and has it trained to level 2. She attempted one remote production job but lacked minerals.

She also trained the new skill book Caldari Encryption Methods to level 1. This is good for inventing Tech II rail guns. She is learning to use Tech II guns and also medium guns now. She has not done much training of guns or even missiles.

She also now has a Heavy Drone Operation skill book and has trained this as well today.

And she continued normalizing the skill levels for all her skills. She has 25 skills at level 1, 59 skills at level 2, 38 skills at level 3, 25 skills at level 4 and still 17 skills at level 5. So 8 level 1 skills must move to level 3 taking about one to three hours each to reach level 2 and then seven to nineteen hours each to reach level 3. So the outside total time for this would be 216 hours or about nine days. Then training the desired 59 - 25 skills or 34 skills at level 2 to level 3 will also take seven to nineteen hours each. Thus the outside time for this would be about 646 hours or about 27 days. So the whole normalizing plan could take more than one month.