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Margarite had only 212.16 isk today at one point.

With a balance of only 212.16 one corp member said she had set a record. Another told her to give him the 212 so she did. He then returned her 500,000 ISK but she gave it right back. So smallest balance recently was 0.16 ISK.

She got into this state of finances buying minerals. But within the same day she was back up to at least 1.9 million ISK and bought more minerals by buying minerals she and another player had mined. So she had her modest share and then paid the player 1.9 million for more than her share of the mining. This then gave her enough tritanium for 35 tractor beams.

Her player taught this partner who is a newbie player to set names for containers, to transfer minerals to containers while mining and warping to bookmarks.

Margarite also gave the partner all the salvage from the pirate ships they killed while mining. Other players have done this kind of lopsided partnerships with her when she was starting out, so she did likewise with this new pilot.