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Margarite has a an income from her business plan.

Using the first few steps for her plan she is able to make ISK income with less mining on her own. So really cooperating is the key to keeping the business plan functioning. She has repeated step 1 a few times and just this weekend repeated step 2 and actually had 50 tractor beams for sale at the end of the weekend. Just before this she bought a Keres. She has about 25 tractor beams for sale now. She is just about to start buying minerals for her next production runs. She will try to make another step 1 and then 2 before the coming weekend. She must pay for a Viator this weekend. A more experienced pilot was saying this was not a good choice but she is stubborn and will be trying to buy the transports skill book before the weekend and the purchase of the Viator. This means she needs an extra 25 million ISK outside of the production ISK she must maintain..