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Margarite has bought two Tech II ships in the past two weeks.

Margarite has bought a Ishkur assault frigate. This is a Tech II frigate used in Player Versus Player (PVP) fighting. She does not do much of this playing. The Ishkur was recommend by the CEO of her corp. The CEO told her to fly one of these when she mentioned in chat that she had completed Frigate training to level 5. So she was not planning on flying an assault frigate. She was training Frigate to level 5 so she could fly her Helios.

During this conversation with the CEO Margarite misunderstood the term assault frigate and looking at her skill set saw that she could buy and afford the skill book for Electronic Attack Ship. So during the conversation, she bought this skill book. Then she decided to buy the Keres an electronic attack ship. Again her old friend told her this ship is designed for specialised PVP play.

These two ships were mistakes then so Margarite will not put training for these ships and outfitting these ships at a very high priority. Rather she is now putting a higher priority on training for and outfitting the Helios.

She bought some probes without any advice but bought them all for much lower than the regional market average. So she really needs to learn more about probes. She does now have some probe launchers and BPO's for these launchers. She also is doing materials research on these BPO's.