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October 31, 2009

Margarite is managing to earn the ISK she needs for a pilot's license extension.

Margarite was trying to earn enough to buy her alt a Pilot's License Extension (PLEX). She almost made it then the alt decided to buy a Hulk mining ship which he now flies. So Marg started again earning isk for her own PLEX and now has two Ishkur's being built and these will sell for 26 million ISK each and make up the remaining 50 million ISK she will need for her license.

October 11, 2009

Margarite lost a battleship in a level 4 mission earlier this morning.

Margarite had built a Maelstrom battleship from a blueprint copy she had bought. She had done this inspired by the little fan fiction film "Clear Skies". Last night her buddy wanted to teach her more about damage. They worked to fit the Maelstrom for shield protection. Then they went into the mission "When Worlds Collide". Margarite got jammed and could not warp out to safety and the pirates destroyed her battleship. She escaped in her capsule. It was not too serious and Margarite collected some insurance on the ship. She was not using this ship too much so she felt no great loss in all this.

October 3, 2009

Margarite was targetted today in Jita but escaped.

There was only one war target in system in Jita when Margarite logged in today. She had arrived in Jita last night with an escort. She had brought 1 million units of tech II ammo to sell. She made all this ammo. She bought some moon materials in Jita and was ready for the flight home. She predicted the war target at worse would try to target her Occator when she undocked but that she could get into warp and sustain damage and still make the first gate. In fact, the one war target did target her but he did not even get a shot off before Margarite was in warp and away. Once out of Jita no further war targets were seen.