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November 15, 2009

A corp member bought a Megathron Gallente Battleship blueprint and has given Margarite a copy of the blueprint today.

Margarite depends on the gifts sometimes from corporation members. Today one member who owns a Megathron battleship blueprint worth about one billion ISK gave Margarite a copy of this blueprint. She will build a Megathron now and sell it. Battleships need a lot of minerals to build. She mined for about one hour to get tritanium and pyerite and will need to mine plagioclase ore for another three hours to get enough mexallon and even more pyerite and trianium. Other minerals that she can not mine are going to cost approximately 25 million ISK. She should then be able to build this Megathron battleship in under five hours and sell it for 72 million ISK.

Margarite has been making Tech II ships and tractor beams and some Tech I ammo.

Building Tech II ships is becoming a habit for Margarite. She spends her income buying the moon materials needed to build the ship components for these Tech II ships. She has had some bad luck inventing lately but is ok with inventing the Ishkurs as these require only four datacores. At the moment she has 4 inventions jobs running to try to invent Oneiros ships again.

She is also building some 40 tractor beams.

This is all personal building compared to corporate building where she is working with others to make Tech II ammo.

November 12, 2009

Margarite needs to earn some isk for her next PLEX.

The tractor beam market seems to be way down. Mind you minerals are cheaper. Also Margarite's alt flies a Hulk mining exhumer now, and can mine for her. Along with this gain, Margarite's corp has had some regular mining operations in Empire pulling in millions of isk an evening.

Margarite was promoted to her corporation's Production Chief yesterday.

Margarite does not really do much PVP. Most of her corporation does PVP and actively seek out 0.0 alliances to join. Meanwhile Magarite does a lot of industry. She for instance invented 23 Tech II ammo blueprints on Sunday. She has also started to regularly invent Tech II Galllente ships for her own income. This has given her a reputation in her corporation of being an industrial pilot. She has had access to buying and selling using corporation funds for a year or so now and is getting used to this to support industry. Also the corporation experienced an item robbery and then were compensated with ISK. Margarite was the first one who initiated the re-stocking of the industrial hanger and the restart of the industrial production. The former head of industry has become the CEO now so Margarite was promoted to industry chief. Her new title is Chief of Production.