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December 28, 2009

Margarite completed a level 1 version of "Worlds Collide"

Margarite was able to complete a mission in 0.0 space. It did not seem any different from high security space in terms of the mission itself. Because it was 0.0 space though, Margarite had to be on the look out for non alliance members who would kill her. In the end she needed help to complete the mission.

December 19, 2009

Margarite has joined three alliance fleets now in 0.0

The intelligence aspects of alliances and corporations prevent me from writing too many details of what Margarite is doing in 0.0 that is no security space. She has been flying in fleets so far and doing her bit to progress her alliances' agenda. She has had a little time outside of fleet to get her bearings. She needs to find a way to make isk out here in 0.0.