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Margarite was promoted to her corporation's Production Chief yesterday.

Margarite does not really do much PVP. Most of her corporation does PVP and actively seek out 0.0 alliances to join. Meanwhile Magarite does a lot of industry. She for instance invented 23 Tech II ammo blueprints on Sunday. She has also started to regularly invent Tech II Galllente ships for her own income. This has given her a reputation in her corporation of being an industrial pilot. She has had access to buying and selling using corporation funds for a year or so now and is getting used to this to support industry. Also the corporation experienced an item robbery and then were compensated with ISK. Margarite was the first one who initiated the re-stocking of the industrial hanger and the restart of the industrial production. The former head of industry has become the CEO now so Margarite was promoted to industry chief. Her new title is Chief of Production.