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May 9, 2012

Margarite is building a Tech II autocannon Hurricane for a Minmatar associate.

A corp mate of Margarite's loaned her a Hurricane battle crusier that she in turn loaned a Minmatar associate. Worried about a possible ship loss Margarite decided to build an exact replica. The Hurricane was easy as the corp mate gave Margarite a Hurricane blueprint copy to build a Hurricane. The guns are another story. Margarite asked her corp mate to fly to Minmatar space to buy two 425mm autocannon original blueprints. One was for the corporation blueprint library and one for Margarite. She then made ten 300 run copies and tried three inventions of Tech II 425mm autocannon blueprints and had two successes. So she now has the potential to build twenty of these guns. She was able to find enough materials to build forty thermonuclear triggers which is enough for four of the guns. Although she is researching the material efficency of the 425mm original so as to make the manufacture of the base Tech I guns needed for the Tech II guns more efficient, she is instead going to just purchase four Tech I guns to finish making four Tech II guns. This may be enough guns for for Hurricane for now and she can wait to make more and then sell all the extras.