August 19, 2012

Building Mackinaws to raise isk for a pilot's license renewal.

Margarite and a corp mate are building mining barges. The Mackinaw is an ice mining barge that has seen some upgrades recently. Margarite and her corp mate purchased some Retriever blueprint copies and invented some Mackinaw blueprints and are now building the ships. Margarite has built and sold one and has another on the assembly lines. Selling two of these will almost cover Margarite's pilot license renewal this month.

Margarite also bought a Procurer mining barge original bluerprint and invented about five Skiff blueprints with three runs each for a total of 15 Skiffs possible.

August 8, 2009

Margarite is mining a scanned site this weekend.

One of Margarite's allies in Eve has scanned down a site and the two of them have been mining Omber for about two hours now. The ally is now calling it a night and Margarite will continue to mine the site for a few more hours.

August 3, 2009

Margarite completed some solo Jet Can mining today but this is just the beginning of her long day.

Margarite needs mexallon and zydrine as the more expensive materials in building tractor beams. Zydrine prices are maintaining their prices at around 1600 ISK or slightly lower. So this expense is not increasing. But the mexallon prices have gone up from the 24 to 26 ISK range to now 30 to 34 ISK and higher. This has effected the costs of production for Margarite so rather than buy mexallon as she would usually be able to do, she committed this morning to mining mexallon producing ores. Her goal initially was to mine until she had produced 500 million units of mexallon or 15 million ISK worth at 30 ISK per unit. As she mined she reset her goal to a lofty 1 million units of mexallon. As the mining operation continued through the day, she grew tired of mining and reset her expectations back to half a million units. Then after mining 10 cans of ore a friend who was in the area alerted her that the low sec route Margarite needs to return to her home system was clear of pirates at that moment. So Margarite stopped mining after 10 cans of ore and after refining she was just short of 400 thousand units mexallon. By quitting short of the goal though she was able to get the minerals safely out of the mining area and into her Occator for transport to the production system for immediate use in building tractor beams. So today it was mostly mining that Margarite completed.

November 30, 2008

Margarite was hauling for a corporation mining operation

Margarite flew her Iteron Mark V to haul minerals while 4 mining pilots mined. She kept up well and almost never fell behind. They mined three asteroid belts and it took about five hours.

August 24, 2008

Margarite was able to mine an exploration site and now has 6.4 million ISK from minerals sales.

Margarites corporation members have taken her mining a few times now. They split the minerals in half afterwards. One of her corp members does exploration. One night this past week she was invited to mine with this pilot. She sold the minerals except for the Pyerite and now has 6.4 million ISK that she has not yet spent. She may buy her Helios with this but the corp has also told her she can fly theirs. She was thinking about buying a Catalyst blueprint. But these ships do not sell for much. Her other choice for this ISK was the skill presence. But she decided against that for now. So she is saving her ISK for now.

Speaking of blueprints she has put her new Small Tractor Beam I blueprint in for some materials research. She also just bought a Cargohold Expander I blueprint and also put it in for research. This is really overkill though as the materials needed for the expander are minimal. But they are rarer minerals so may be this will pay off.

June 6, 2008

She could only have fitted one mining laser on the Iteron so she did Jetcan and it worked

Jetcanning worked fine. She made 300 K in one run.

Lots of routine mining done now and now for something completely different.

Margarite took to mining this morning after buying skills. She mined enough Tritanium, Pyerite and Mexallion to make 40 Navitas. She started training in Plagioclase processing and definitely needs to train her processing skills. She plans to use some Jetcan mining on her own now. To do this she will need to two ships. She got this idea reading the mining FAQ and after doing Jetcan mining with another layer as a fleet. The next post will detail how she will start this mining.

June 3, 2008

Margarite is happy mining up a million ISK this morning, maybe 1.5 million ISK

Margarite is happy mining this morning. Rather than make stuff she has been selling the minerals. She has made 750,000 ISK so far today. So if she can stay mining for another hour or two she will have 4.5 million ISK total and she can buy the Logic skill book.

She got a chance to use her Hobgoblin I combat drones today. They quickly killed the pirate who attacked her.