March 6, 2012

Industrial Corp CEO position.

Margarite has become CEO of her corporation and taken it from a corp hunting other pilots to an Industrial corp. There are only a few active members now left and they are all active industrialists. They each have other pilots who are friends doing various activities around New Eden. These alternate operatives are busy in a number of other corporations doing everything from flying in null space to mining in quiet backwaters. Her corp is called the Hounds.

May 10, 2011

Margarite is relaxing with a smoothly running ammo production operation.

The production of tech II ammo continues with from 3 to 7 pilots regulary working in labs and ammo arrays. The production of tech II ammo is non stop. Margarite generally spends her time buying the minerals and moon materials need to make the ammo and hauling these to the arrays. The other pilots generally have to only start jobs although a variety of pilots do a variety of jobs. Generally everyone is paid wages for this too. Recently the advant of successful planet based extraction technologies has allowed some corp members to supply constant supplies of rocket fuel to the production cycle. The corporation through Margarite have rewarded these pilots for the steady and volumious supply.

March 28, 2011

Margarite did, in fact, succeed in inventing two Black Ops battleship blueprints out of four attempts.

Margarite is only three days away from having all four race encryption and starship engineering skills trained to level V. Years ago she had volunteered as her corporation's Amarr engineer and had eventually trained both Amarr skills to V. This took months because she trained other skills too. She managed quite quickly to pick up the other race skills except for Minmatar encryption which is only three days from completion of training to level V

This prologue is only a hint that her perfect skills made the chances of succeeding at this invention of Tech II battleships that much more likely. She used two decryptors and one succeeded yielding a -2 material efficiency blueprint meaning much less materials are needed to construct the ship. The other success was from one of the two invention attempts without decryptors and this of course yielded a -4 material efficiency blueprint that will cost more in material amounts to build the ship.

She has built all the parts for the first ship now except for the microprocessors. She will not be building the microprocessors soon, as the price of one of the materials for these microprocessors, namely the nanotransistors, is much too high on the market now. In all, the nanotransistors on Tech II ships are the most expensive material and definitely affect the cost of building more than other materials. So she waits for the price to fall on nanotransistors.

January 8, 2011

Margarite took some profits from the corp's successful ammo production work

Margarite had been working like a dog, a flying gate jumping dog, supplying the corporation with the materials for building ammo. Her long voyages of 60 plus jumps to find cheap rocket fuel or to buy new ammo blueprints like Depleted Uranium in Minmatar space where these blueprints are cheapest have started to pay off. The other corp mates use alts or jump clones to jump back out of 0.0 to clones in high security space to join the building efforts. We have other builders simply manufacturing ten jobs at a time of tech II ammo. A few other pilots help with other tasks like invention and supply. Mostly Margarite manages this whole operation so today paid herself some wages. She procured from the corp ship stocks two Basilisk Logistics class ships for her young Caldari combat protoge. She in fact, built these ships last month almost single handedly. Ships just are not profitable to make for sale. Making ships though still does save money on buying them. I hope that makes sense. The Eve market is a strange beast.

November 18, 2010

Margarite is supplying her corp 0.0 fighters with ships these days.

Profits from ammo making continue to roll in. It is a tricky market and barrage ammo is selling too cheap right now in Jita. Void should be a good long term alternative. Profits are being used to pay the builders wages and also to fund the making of tech II ships like interdictors and logistics.

Margarite is helping a young pilot with her training as this young pilot hopes to move out to more combat in 0.0 space and fight for the corp. The pilot she is sponsoring is named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Margarite is building her ships of all kinds and hopes to supply her with two of each Caldari ship. So far she has made her two of each Tech 1 frigate and is about half way through supplying her with two of each Tech I crusier. So far Jessica can fly only a Buzzard in terms of Tech II ships. So Tech II ships will wait for awhile.

December 19, 2009

Margarite has joined three alliance fleets now in 0.0

The intelligence aspects of alliances and corporations prevent me from writing too many details of what Margarite is doing in 0.0 that is no security space. She has been flying in fleets so far and doing her bit to progress her alliances' agenda. She has had a little time outside of fleet to get her bearings. She needs to find a way to make isk out here in 0.0.

November 12, 2009

Margarite was promoted to her corporation's Production Chief yesterday.

Margarite does not really do much PVP. Most of her corporation does PVP and actively seek out 0.0 alliances to join. Meanwhile Magarite does a lot of industry. She for instance invented 23 Tech II ammo blueprints on Sunday. She has also started to regularly invent Tech II Galllente ships for her own income. This has given her a reputation in her corporation of being an industrial pilot. She has had access to buying and selling using corporation funds for a year or so now and is getting used to this to support industry. Also the corporation experienced an item robbery and then were compensated with ISK. Margarite was the first one who initiated the re-stocking of the industrial hanger and the restart of the industrial production. The former head of industry has become the CEO now so Margarite was promoted to industry chief. Her new title is Chief of Production.