I may have enough guitars for now!

I cashed in a layaway so rather than eventually
get a used Cabronita Telecaster Thinline I instead
am instead getting 200$ or so dollars back from the music store.

I have the new Jim Adkins Thinline Telecaster home from the store now.

I have the new Telecaster home now. It has a rosewood finger board unlike the other Telecaster natural Thinlines I am buying. For awhile there I was swearing by rosewood as better than maple. Then I was learning it made no real different in a good player's hands. I did find the Thinline with maple a faster playing guitar. I enjoyed playing and tuning up the guitar at home today. It is nice and shiny and a brand new guitar.

The 72 Telecaster thinline might be my next and last thinline Telecaster for awhile

This particular Telecaster has humbucking pickups which may have been relatively new in 1972. This would be another Telecaster thinline with different pick ups for my collection.

I am buying a few more Fender Thinline Telecaster guitars with different pickups in each guitar.

I have really enjoyed owning a Fender Telecaster Thinline guitar for a year now. I am now buying two more each with different style pickups. One a Jim Atkins model has two P90 pickups. This P90 is the same pickup as is in my Les Paul Jr.. The next Thinline I am buying has dual Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups. I enjoy the weight of these guitars as they are super light weight being semi hollow body.

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