I am buying a few more Fender Thinline Telecaster guitars with different pickups in each guitar.

I have really enjoyed owning a Fender Telecaster Thinline guitar for a year now. I am now buying two more each with different style pickups. One a Jim Atkins model has two P90 pickups. This P90 is the same pickup as is in my Les Paul Jr.. The next Thinline I am buying has dual Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups. I enjoy the weight of these guitars as they are super light weight being semi hollow body.

Focusing on my statistics work rather than music work these past few days.

I look longingly over at the Moog Sub 37 phatty but do not play it. I pluck the strings of the American Standard Jazz bass while it rests in the stand but do not play it. I am really focusing on my job that allows me to purchase these instruments.

Using my Dell Linux Ubuntu Studio laptop with Ardour 5 as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) tonight.

I set everything up using my M-Audio Pre analog to digital interface and it seems to pass the signal of a Shure SM 95 condenser microphone and my Fender 69 Classic Player Thinline Telecaster to the Digital Audio Workstation's bus on the mixer window. I may just do some test recording but nothing serious tonight. Just serious testing of the hardware and software and connections. So far the Moog is not involved or patched in. I do have one more USB port on the Dell Ubuntu Studio computer I could send the Moog MIDI over USB to and see if it connects into the Ardour DAW.

Slow blues picking on a resonator guitar is nice

I took up my resonator guitar today and decide to intentionally play very slow blues picking. I lost the sound I had the other day on the Telecaster of Beatles' melodies but gained more authentic slow blues sounds.

Playing 12 bar picking on the six string.

I am often just picking the major scale to do twelve bar picking. I am usually starting this in A Major on the low E string with my second finger at the fifth fret first finger at the fourth fret.

Planning more gear aquistion which right now is mostly more Telecaster Thinlines in natural finish.

I plan to buy two more Fender Telecaster Thinline guitars in natural finish. One is call a Jim Atkins P-90 because it is similar to a guitar Jim Atkins plays and has two P-90 single coil pickups. The other is an Elite Mahogany Fender Thinline. These are both on layaway at a national chain music store's local shop.

Planning some music learning this year seems difficult

I am making a New Year's resolution to do music study every day of the new year. One lesson and/or one practice and/or one reading or study. This could even include just listening to some music as part of a study plan.

Audio input on the Moog

I tired just now plugging in my Fender Jazz bass into the Moog Sub 37 but this did not result in much. I need to read the manual of the Sub 37 some more before getting this working. I think the audio in also just adds feedback or acts as a colour rather than a full control signal. I think full control would only come from a MIDI input. I know there are also Voltage Control Oscillators possible as inputs on the side panel of the Sub 37.

My first Moog keyboard a Moog Sub37

I purchased a Moog Sub37 from the local music chain store. It is too much fun with electricity and is amazing through my small bass amplifier.

Learning from Carol Kaye

I am seriously lucky to have been able to get to know more about Carol Kaye and her music. Also luckily I bought some of her books and lessons from her web site and have been gradually studying her tips for playing the bass. I have also been hearing her music and of course who has not heard "Mission Impossible" and now having studied a bit of her techniques, I can now manage this riff in "Mission Impossible" much better.


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