Learning from Carol Kaye

I am seriously lucky to have been able to get to know more about Carol Kaye and her music. Also luckily I bought some of her books and lessons from her web site and have been gradually studying her tips for playing the bass. I have also been hearing her music and of course who has not heard "Mission Impossible" and now having studied a bit of her techniques, I can now manage this riff in "Mission Impossible" much better.

Brand new short scale bass

I bought last winter a new short scale bass. It is a Fender Classic Player Rascal bass. It was fairly expensive given the currency conversion to Canadian dollars from US dollars.

Playing with all eight fingers on bass.

I am managing to continue to practice with all four fingers for rhythm. I have always used all four fret board fingers although my pinky is not the best and will not fret properly or will bend a note around the 12th fret area. I tend to not have learned rhythm and have little developed rhythm knowledge even in common era theory which has held me back as a bassist.

Guitar parts to my songs

I can manage to play the rhythm part of my song "Sweet Romance". This is a song I wrote in the late 1980's and performed once at an open mic at Rasputin's a folk club in Ottawa. It was played many times in the bands the Mechanic City Psychos and Flynche where I played the bass and sang the vocals. Yesterday I played it on my Les Paul Jr. into my Fender Hotrod Deluxe amplifier.

I started a mental health blog using blogspot

I am updating a mental health blog daily again. I did one anonymously from 2003 to 2007. Now I am doing another one.

The web site building continues

I am building this web site more today. I added some tabs to organize audio and video content.

I am building a new web site for my music activities.

I decided after seeing a famous musician's web site to build my own musician's web site on my PeterTimusk.com domain. Here I will write about my music activities and music recordings.

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