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I went ahead with pay day coming up and bought more land near my offices.

Peter Krogstad started his first Second Life adventure this evening by buying a 64 sq m parcel for a lot of money. It cost the real life person about 4 dollars. Then not stopping there Korgstad bought a neighbouring 512 sq m piece. These are both in the front yard down the little cliff from his virtual office. He did this so he could try out his new editing skill and that is terrain editing. So he bought these lands and then took out some of the cliff and using smoothing, lowering anf flattening. He produced a nice hill instead of a cliff. That was adventure number one last night. Cost was about 30$ US or close to 7500 L$ but he also bought himself another 1000 L$ for his wallet in game. He spent some of this later this morning but that will be detailed in another post.


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